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About Us

foriEDU.com is an online and home tutoring website. Located in Pakistan, we manage home tuitions and online tuitions by connecting tutors and students. Our services are not only limited to managing home and online tuitions but extend with our offer of crash courses. Along with our 24/7 services, we provide best fit guarantee. With a simple signup, you enter into our net of connections where every client is of equal importance! You are our responsibility!

foriEDU.com provides the best home tutors. You connect with us having a specific need and we connect you with the best tutors there are. With our 2-day free trial, we give the best-fit guarantee to the students. Our customer support follows the tuitions on a monthly basis.

With foriEDU.com’s online tutoring service, it has now become easy to learn from the best tutors in the world! With the help of our e-learning platform, you can learn any subject possible with the best of the world’s coaches! A 15-minute free trial with the tutor ensures a best-fit guarantee.

With all the new crash course features, you can learn different subjects in a virtual classroom on our e-learning platform. Courses that no university would teach you are not far off now.

Test Prep gives you the chance to study with exceptional scholars who would not only teach you the basic ideas of standard tests but will also tell you how to perform them with our one-to-one home and online tutoring.

All that you require from a tutor will be taken care of at foriEDU.com. Location, university, gender, subject, and all specifications are meticulously managed. With the help of our Rating and Reviews and test scores (foriEDU.com tests let all know of the competitiveness of its tutors) features, it is easy for you to judge the capabilities of our tutors.

Our 24×7 customer service is there for all of our clients to help them with their problems.

Our most exciting feature is our e-learning platform through which it has now become easy for the world of tutors and students to connect despite their geographical distances. Our virtual classrooms are equipped with intuitive backstage tools with all the file-sharing features and engagement monitoring.

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