Wondering which schools in Peshawar stand out for their vibrant cultural environment and educational heritage? Then look no further, this blog will help you navigate through the diverse educational institutes and their rich cultural integration. 

Let’s discover the top 10 schools in Peshawar out of the 35,000 schools where students learn as their culture thrives alongside them.

Top 10 Schools in Peshawar:

The list of these outstanding schools are as below:

  •  Roots Millennium School
  •  City School
  •  Army Public School 
  •  Peshawar Model School 
  •  Lahore Grammar School 
  •  Bloomfield Hall School
  •  Forward Public School 
  •  Frontier Model Schools
  •  ICMS School System

1. Roots Millennium School :

  The renowned private school Roots Millennium School (RMS) was founded in Peshawar in 2004. It is a component of the Roots School System, which has been providing instruction for more than 40 years. Beginning with preschool and ending with A-Levels, Root Millennium School provides a demanding academic curriculum that emphasises character development, creativity, and critical thinking.Boys and girls get their education on the same campus at Roots Millennium School, which is a coeducational institution.


At the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and Pearson Edexcel tests, RMS has continuously received exceptional results.In national and international events, such the Cambridge Learner Awards and the International Mathematical Olympiad, students have won first place. With a heavy emphasis on extracurricular activities, the school sends students to national competitions in music, art, and athletics.


Level of EducationPrograms and Curriculum Offered
Early Years EducationReception class, Playgroup, Junior Year, Advanced Year
Personal DevelopmentPersonal capabilities, Self-management, Wellbeing, Lifelong learning
Social DevelopmentCommunal capabilities, Social awareness, Social management
EntrepreneurshipDynamic economy, Innovative entrepreneurship, Job creation
Academic SpecializationsPre-medical, Pre-engineering, Computer sciences, Arts, and other subjects

Fee Structure (approximate)

Roots Millennium School, Peshawar, offers a world-class education with a fee structure that reflects its commitment to providing a high-quality learning experience. The school’s fees are designed to be competitive and affordable, while also ensuring that students receive the best possible education. The fee structure is divided into monthly tuition fees, which range from PKR 15,000 to 60,000 depending on the grade level, and additional one-time fees, including admission, registration, and exam fees. Please see below for a detailed breakdown of the school’s fee structure.

Grade LevelMonthly Fee Range (PKR)
Nursery to KG15,000 – 20,000
Grade 1 to 520,000 – 30,000
Grade 6 to 830,000 – 40,000
Grade 9 to 1140,000 – 50,000
A-Levels50,000 – 60,000

In addition to the monthly tuition fees, Roots Millennium School charges various one-time fees, including an admission fee ranging from PKR 20,000 to 50,000 ,a registration fee of PKR 5,000 to 10,000, and exam fees of PKR 5,000 to 10,000 per exam. Please note that these fees are approximate and may vary depending on the school’s policies and exchange rates, so it’s best to check with the school directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information.


Roots Millennium School offers academic excellence and comprehensive education in three modern Peshawar branches.

Hayatabad Peshawar BranchHouse # 7, Sector D-1, Phase 1, Hayatabad, Peshawar
Jamrud Road Peshawar BranchChowk Gulabad, Jamrud Road, Phase-III, Peshawar
University Town Peshawar BranchUniversity Town Peshawar Branch

2. City School:

The City School (TCS) is a renowned private school in Peshawar, established in 1994. It is part of the larger City School network, with over 200 branches across Pakistan and abroad. TCS offers a rigorous academic program from nursery to A-Levels, with a focus on academic excellence, character development, and extracurricular activities.The City School is a co-educational institution .


A 100% pass record in the 2020 O-Level and A-Level exams and a 95% pass rate in the 2020 Matric exams are only two of the exceptional academic achievements of The City School, Peshawar. The school has won various accolades, including the “Most Innovative School” and “Best School in Peshawar” prizes from the 2018 and 2019 Pakistan Education prizes, respectively. In addition, students have triumphed in a number of events, such as the Regional Math Olympiad (2017), the National Science Talent Competition (2019), and the National Debating Competition (2018), where they placed second. In addition, the school has excelled in extracurricular activities, placing second in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Football Championship (2018) and winning the Peshawar Regional Cricket Tournament (2019).


Level of EducationPrograms and Curriculum Offered
Early Years EducationComprehensive early childhood education
Cambridge Assessment International (CAIE) Examinations– IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) exams
– O-level exams
– A-level exams
UK-based Cambridge Assessment International EducationCambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) examinations
Hands-on LearningStimulating hands-on learning environment
Student Well-beingEmphasis on physical and emotional well-being of students
Comprehensive EducationProvides a well-rounded educational experience across all levels

Fee Structure (approximate):

LevelMonthly Fee Range (PKR)
Nursery – Kindergarten12,000 – 18,000
Grade 1 – 518,000 – 25,000
Grade 6 – 825,000 – 35,000
Grade 9 – 1135,000 – 45,000
A-Levels45,000 – 55,000

The fee structure at The City School in Peshawar includes additional fees that students and parents should be aware of. The admission fees range from PKR 20,000 to 50,000 , which cover the processing and enrollment of new students into the school. Registration fees, required annually or per academic session, vary from PKR 5,000 to 10,000, contributing towards administrative costs and maintaining student records. Additionally, exam fees per subject or semester range from PKR 5,000 to 10,000, facilitating the conduct and management of examinations. These fees are approximate and subject to change based on specific school policies and updates by the school administration. Prospective students and parents are advised to consult directly with The City School for the most current fee structure and details.


The City School has three campuses in Peshawar for convenient access.

Branch NameLocation
University Town CampusHouse # 20-D1, Circular Road, University Town, Peshawar
Hayatabad Phase 5 Campus149 Sector C-3, Phase 5, Hayatabad, Peshawar
Cantt. CampusOff Mall Road, Near Army Check Post, Qaziabad, Peshawar

3. Army Public School :

Army Public School (APS) is a renowned public school in Peshawar, established in 1992. It is managed by the Pakistan Army and offers a rigorous academic program from nursery to grade 12. The school is known for its discipline, academic excellence, and extracurricular activities.Army Public School is a co-educational institution ¹


Army Public School (APS) Peshawar upholds a distinguished reputation for academic excellence, consistently preparing its students to excel in both national and international examinations. Beyond academics, APS Peshawar places significant emphasis on sports, debates, arts, and a wide array of extracurricular activities, fostering comprehensive.development among its students. Moreover, the school actively engages in community service initiatives, instilling in students a strong sense of responsibility and citizenship. This combination of rigorous academics, diverse extracurricular opportunities, and community involvement ensures that APS Peshawar nurtures well-rounded individuals equipped to face future challenges with confidence.


Curriculum FeaturesDetails
Planning and DevelopmentComprehensive planning and development
Assessment and ExaminationConducts assessments and examinations
Educational ProgramsDiverse range of programs based on multiple boards: Hyderabad Board, Federal Board, Cambridge System
School Wings– Junior Wing: For younger students
– Senior Wing: For older students
– Girls Wing and Boys Wing: Separate wings for genders
– Toddlers, Pre-School, First Flight, and Middle School: Various stages of early education
Learning EnvironmentStructured and organized learning environment

Fee Structure (approximate):

Grade LevelMonthly Fee Range (PKR)
Nursery to KG8,000 – 12,000
Grade 1 to 512,000 – 18,000
Grade 6 to 818,000 – 25,000
Grade 9 to 1225,000 – 35,000

Army Public School, Peshawar, has a fee structure that includes additional fees, which are approximate and may vary depending on the school’s policies and exchange rates. These additional fees include: Admission Fee, ranging from PKR 20,000 to 50,000 (; Registration Fee, ranging from PKR 5,000 to 10,000; and Exam Fees (per exam), ranging from PKR 5,000 to 10,000. Please note that these fees are approximate and may vary depending on the school’s policies and exchange rates. It’s always best to check with the school directly for the most up-to-date and accurate fee structure.


Branch NameLocation
Warsak RoadDefence Colony, Peshawar

4. Peshawar Model School :

Peshawar Model School (PMS) is a reputed public school in Peshawar, established in 1995. It is managed by the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and offers a rigorous academic program from nursery to grade 12. The school is known for its academic excellence, discipline, and extracurricular activities. co-educational.


Peshawar Model School (PMS) is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, consistently upholding high standards and preparing students for competitive examinations with remarkable achievements. Beyond academics, PMS places a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities such as sports, cultural events, debates, and more, aiming to foster all-round development and cultivate leadership skills among its students. Moreover, the school actively involves its students in community service initiatives, instilling a deep sense of social responsibility and civic duty. Through its comprehensive approach to education, Peshawar Model School not only equips students with academic knowledge but also prepares them to become responsible, well-rounded individuals capable of contributing positively to society.


Curriculum FeaturesDetails
Education LevelsKindergarten to Grade 12
National CurriculumFollows the national curriculum of Pakistan
AffiliationAffiliated with the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE)
Academic Programs– Offers comprehensive academic programs
– Includes courses in matriculation and O-levels
Extracurricular Activities– Sports, music, and art activities are available
– Aimed at providing a well-rounded educational experience
FocusNurtures critical thinking through diverse academic courses

Fee Structure (approximate):

Grade LevelMonthly Fee Range (PKR)
Nursery to KG5,000 – 10,000
Grade 1 to 510,000 – 15,000
Grade 6 to 815,000 – 20,000
Grade 9 to 1220,000 – 25,000

Peshawar Model School charges additional fees to cover various administrative expenses. The admission fee ranges from PKR 10,000 to 20,000, depending on the grade level and specific circumstances. A registration fee, typically ranging from PKR 2,000 to 5,000per academic session, is also required. Additionally, exam fees per exam are around PKR 2,000 to 5,000 .These amounts are approximate and subject to change based on the school’s policies and exchange rates. For the most current and accurate fee structure, it is recommended to contact Peshawar Model School directly.


Branch NameLocation
Warsak RoadArbab Sabz Ali Khan, Town Darmangi, Peshawar
Ring RoadE Peshawar Ring Road, Gul Abad, Peshawar
Phandu RoadPhandu Rd, Phandu Dehri, Peshawar

These locations represent different branches of Peshawar Model School across Peshawar, providing accessibility to students residing in various areas of the city.

5. Beaconhouse School System:

Beaconhouse School System has a rich history, established in November 1975 as the Les Anges Montessori Academy with just 19 toddlers. Since then, it has grown exponentially into an international network of private schools, with over 146 schools in more than 30 cities across Pakistan, offering preschool, primary, and secondary education, as well as preparation for international GCE and local SSC examinations. Additionally, Beaconhouse operates independent divisions in Belgium, Malaysia, Oman, Philippines, Thailand, UAE, and the United Kingdom, with activities extending beyond education in some countries.


Beaconhouse School System has achieved notable milestones in its journey. The school has successfully designed and implemented new curricula for Early Years, Primary, and Middle School levels, a testament to its commitment to innovation and excellence in education. Furthermore, Beaconhouse received the prestigious “Pakistan Women Power 100 award” in September 2012, recognizing its contributions to empowering women and promoting gender equality in the country.

Beaconhouse School System is a co-educational school with over 146 campuses in 30 cities across Pakistan.


Curriculum FeaturesDetails
Education LevelsMontessori Academy, Preschool, Primary, and Secondary Education
Examination Systems– General Certificate of Education (GCE)
– Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examinations
Educational Approaches– Reggio Emilia approach
– Enhanced Learning Environment (ELE)
Subjects and Programs– Personal, Social Health Education (PSHE)
– Foreign languages
– Robotics
– Music
– Media
Comprehensive EducationProvides a comprehensive and well-rounded educational experience

Fee Structure (approximate):

Fee TypeAmount Range (PKR)
Tuition Fee (Monthly)
Preschool12,750 – 13,500
Primary13,500 – 15,000
Secondary15,000 – 25,000
Admission Fee (One-time)
Security Deposit10,000

This table outlines the approximate fee structure at Peshawar Model School, including monthly tuition fees for different levels, one-time admission fees, and a refundable security deposit. Please note that these amounts are approximate and may vary based on specific circumstances or updates by the school administration.


Branch NameLocation
Jamrud CampusMain Jamrud Road, Gul Abad, Phase III Chowk, Peshawar
Khyber CampusSECTOR H-3, Street 1, PHASE II NEAR CECOS UNIVERSITY PHASE II BRANCH, Phase 2 Hayatabad, Peshawar
Frontier CampusFrontier Corps Building, Phase 6, Hayatabad, Peshawar

Beaconhouse School System has branches in Peshawar, offering diverse educational opportunities.

6. Lahore Grammar School:

Lahore Grammar School, founded in 1979, offers a unique educational experience built on collaborative learning, critical thinking, and a wide range of extracurricular activities. With an impressive network of over 70 branches across Pakistan, including locations in Peshawar, Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta, Multan, Gujranwala, Sialkot, and Faisalabad, it stands out as a premier choice for parents seeking O-Level and A-Level education for their children. By fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity and creativity, Lahore Grammar School provides students with a well-rounded education, making it an excellent option for those seeking a world-class learning experience.Lahore Grammar School has co-educational institutions and girls-only schools . Initially, the school focused on female education but later expanded to provide quality education to boys as well .


Lahore Grammar School has recently celebrated several achievements, including the induction of its A-Level class of 2022 into Cornell University’s class of 2026, and the induction of its A-Level classes of 2020 into both Brown University’s and Cornell University’s class of 2024. The school’s A-Level Programme offers college and career counseling starting from class 8, enabling students to make informed decisions about their academic futures. Furthermore, the school’s Education Advising Office, staffed by a senior advisor and three other advisors, provides guidance and support to students throughout the college application process, ensuring they are well-equipped for their academic journey.


Curriculum FeaturesDetails
Education LevelsPreschool, Primary, and Secondary Education
Examination Systems– Matriculation
– A Level
Departments– Sciences Department
– Liberal Arts Department
Subjects and Programs– Global Perspectives
– World Affairs
– English Literature
Comprehensive EducationOffers a comprehensive range of programs and subjects, providing a well-rounded education

Fee Structure:

ParticularsAmount (PG to KG)Amount (Grade 1 to 5)Amount (Grade 6 to 8)Amount (Grade 9)Amount (Grade 10)Amount (DP1)Amount (DP2)
Admission Fee60,00060,00060,00060,00060,00060,00060,000
Security (Refundable)50,00050,00050,00060,00050,00050,00050,000
Per Month Fee53,46058,21260,58864,15268,90473,65677,220

Please note that these fees are approximate and may vary depending on the school’s policies and exchange rates. It’s always best to check with the school directly for the most up-to-date and accurate fee structure.


Branch NameLocation
Peshawar Ring Roadnear Toll plaza, Phase II Hayatabad, Peshawar

7. Bloomfield Hall School:

Bloomfield Hall School, founded in 1984 by a team of dedicated educationists from the UK and Pakistan, offers a British-style education that prepares students for esteemed British qualifications. Since its inception, the school has maintained a strong focus on academic excellence, guiding pupils towards outstanding performance in GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ level examinations, and shaping young minds to succeed in an increasingly globalized world. By fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity and critical thinking, Bloomfield Hall School has established itself as a premier institution for students seeking a world-class education.Bloomfield Hall School is a co-educational school.


Bloomfield Hall School is commemorating a remarkable journey of 40 years, distinguished by unwavering commitment to academic excellence. Recent accomplishments include the publication of over 60 books, now integral to the school’s curriculum, and the hosting of insightful panel discussions, “Moving Forward”. The school continues to excel, providing students with a globally informed education, cultivating critical thinking, and reinforcing its position as a premier institution for world-class learning.


Curriculum FeaturesDetails
Education LevelsPre-school to GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level Examinations
Subjects and Activities– English
– Urdu
– Number Work
– Sensorial Activities
– Music
– Art & Craft
Examination Systems– GCE ‘O’ Level
– GCE ‘A’ Level
Comprehensive EducationOffers a comprehensive curriculum starting from pre-school level, preparing students for GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ level examinations of UK examining bodies, providing a strong foundation for future academic pursuits.

Fee Structure:

Bloomfield Hall School offers flexible payment options, allowing parents to pay the annual fee in three convenient installments, making financial planning easier. The school’s fee structure includes an approximate Reception fee of PKR 20,374, providing a strong foundation for young learners, and an approximate Prep 1 fee of PKR 20,799, building on the skills developed in Reception. Additionally, the school fees increase annually by 5-15%, reflecting the institution’s commitment to continually enhancing its facilities, resources, and academic programs, ensuring a high-quality education for its students.


Branch TypeAddress
Junior Branch22 – Chinar Road, University Town, Syed Jamaduddin Afghani Road, Peshawar
Senior Branch10 -A, Park Lane 1, Park Road, University Town, Peshawar

8. Forward Public School:

Forward Public School, founded in 1950 by the visionary Professor M Shafi Sabir, a distinguished journalist and educationist, has a rich legacy of excellence. The school is committed to innovative and skill-based learning, offering a well-rounded education that combines STEM and arts disciplines with modern pedagogies. By emphasizing social responsibility and community service, Forward Public School nurtures responsible and compassionate individuals, preparing them to make a positive impact in the world. With a focus on fostering critical thinking, creativity, and character, the school provides a comprehensive education that empowers students to succeed in all aspects of life.


Forward Public School has achieved outstanding academic excellence, with excellent results in the Secondary School Examination conducted by BISE Peshawar. Students have secured top positions in both Science and Arts groups, with a remarkable 100% overall result, where all students qualified with ‘A+’ and ‘A’ grades. The school has also excelled in Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical, and Computer Science groups, with students achieving high positions. Additionally, Forward Public School has consistently produced best results in SSC and HSSC examinations. The school’s exceptional performance has been recognized by the Minister of Elementary Education, Mr. Atif Khan, who awarded Forward Girls College in 2013 for its outstanding results. Furthermore, students have secured positions in BISE Peshawar and Forward Girls College has achieved second positions in Intermediate results in 2018 and 2019, showcasing the school’s dedication to academic excellence.Forward Public School is a co-educational school.


Program FeaturesDetails
Curricular Activities– Classroom Instruction
– Library Activities
– Science Laboratory Experiments
– Seminars
– Workshops
– Conferences
– Panel Discussions
Co-curricular Activities– Physical Development Activities
– Academic Development Activities
– Literary Pursuits
– Cultural Enrichment
– Social Growth
– Moral Development
– Citizenship Training
– Leisure Time Engagement
– Emotional Development
– National Integration Development
Comprehensive ProgramOffers a comprehensive program that includes a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities aimed at providing a well-rounded educational experience for students.

Fee Structure:

Forward Public School has established the following rules and regulations regarding tuition and fee payment. All payments must be made in Pakistani Rupee (PKR). A non-refundable Registration and Admission Fee is required at the time of admission, along with a Security Fee that is refundable upon withdrawal. Tuition fees are paid monthly in advance and must be paid in full for all twelve calendar months. Late payments incur a fine, and failure to pay fees may result in the student’s name being struck off the school rolls.

The school reserves the right to review and increase tuition fees without prior notice. No concessions are offered for siblings, and all fees and funds paid are non-refundable. Fee challans are issued a week prior to the billing month, and it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure timely payment. The school may withhold progress reports, certificates, and other documents if dues remain unpaid. Re-admission after being struck off the school rolls requires payment of admission and security fees, as well as any late fees, subject to management discretion and availability.


They have six branches in Peshawar some of the following are:

Branch NameAddress
Hayatabad BranchSector, G-2 Phase 2 Hayatabad, Peshawar
Ring Road BranchPeshawar Ring Road, Achini Payan Peshawar
Dalazak RoadAbdul-Raheema, Dalazak Road, Peshawar

9. Frontier Model School:

Frontier Model School in Peshawar is a esteemed institution, offering a two-year intermediate program across a range of disciplines, including FA, FSc Pre Medical, FSc Pre Engineering, ICs Computer Science, and FA General Science. The school fosters a supportive and stimulating environment, prioritizing academic excellence and empowering students to reach their full potential.


Frontier Model School stands out for its exceptional performance across multiple areas, consistently achieving academic excellence with top-performing students in board exams. The school’s modern and supportive learning environment is enhanced by its state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities.comprehensive development is fostered through a range of extracurricular activities, led by experienced and dedicated faculty who prioritize student growth and success. The school’s strong focus on character building and social responsibility encourages critical thinking, creativity, and innovation, while community service and social welfare initiatives provide valuable hands-on experience. Strategic collaborations with reputable organizations and notable alumni achievements in various fields demonstrate the school’s commitment to developing responsible and impactful citizens.


Arts and Culture Programs School choirs
Theater productions
Science and Technology Clubs Robotics
Science fairs
Leadership and Service Learning Student government
Volunteer programs
Academic Clubs Subject-specific clubs
Physical Development Activities Sports
Aesthetic Development Activities Music
Service Learning Activities Volunteering
Social service projects
Leisure Time Activities Hobbies
Photography clubs
Excursion Activities Educational trips
Recreational outings

Fee Structure (approximate):

Tuition FeesRs. 8,000 per monthPlaygroup to Kindergarten
Rs. 10,000 per monthClass 1 to Class 5
Rs. 12,000 per monthClass 6 to Class 8
Rs. 14,000 per monthClass 9 and 10
Other ChargesRs. 15,000 (one-time)Admission fee
Rs. 10,000 (annual)Annual charges
Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 5,000Transport charges (depending on distance)
As per actual costBooks and uniforms

The school aims to support deserving students through financial aid opportunities, ensuring access to education regardless of financial circumstances. Additionally, high-achieving students are encouraged to strive for academic excellence through scholarships offered by the school. This comprehensive approach underscores the institution’s commitment to fostering both accessibility and excellence in education


Branch NameAddress
Warsak RdDarmangi, Peshawar

10. ICMS School System:

ICMS School System aims to provide high-value education and skills, educating students in techniques of thinking to produce socially balanced individuals. The school trains students to achieve practical results and accepts social responsibility. ICMS offers various programs, including Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering, Computer Science, F.A in General Science and Humanities, Diploma in Commerce, and D.B.A in Business Administration. With the largest educational network in Pakistan, state-of-the-art library and eBook collection, and experienced faculty with high moral standards, ICMS fosters extracurricular activities and sports competitions. The school’s core values include leadership, punctuality, and hard work, shaping students into responsible and successful individuals.


ICMS School System has achieved numerous accomplishments, including providing quality education to primary and secondary students, preparing them for professional studies in pre-medical, pre-engineering, and computer sciences, and instilling ethical standards. The school encourages co-curricular activities, selects teachers based on merit, and maintains a clean and picturesque environment. ICMS is committed to social welfare tasks throughout the year and awards scholarships to approximately 800 talented students from class 5th to FSc annually. The school has expanded to over 10 educational institutes in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, fostering leadership, punctuality, hard work, and character development in its students.ICMS School System is co-educational up to grade 4, and separate classes for girls are offered from grades 5 to 10 .


Arts and Culture ProgramsSchool choirs
Theater productions
Science and Technology Clubs Robotics
Science fairs
Leadership and Service Learning Student government
Volunteer programs
Academic Clubs Subject-specific clubs
Physical Development Activities Sports
Aesthetic Development Activities Music
Service Learning Activities Volunteering
Social service projects
Leisure Time Activities Hobbies
Photography clubs
Excursion Activities Educational trips
Recreational outings

Fee Structure :

Please note that the fee structure is not mentioned, and you should check with the school administration for the latest and updated fee structure.


Campus NameAddress
Warsak RoadWarsak Rd, Sher Ali Town, Peshawar
Hayatabad CampusHouse # 7 B, Sector D-1 Phase-1, Hayatabad, Peshawar
Khyber CampusIn front of Board BRT station, adjacent Blue Tech CNG, Shaheen Town, Peshawar


In conclusion, Peshawar boasts a diverse array of educational institutions that not only prioritise academic excellence but also emphasise comprehensive development through extracurricular activities and community engagement. From renowned names like Roots Millennium School and City School to esteemed institutions like Army Public School and Peshawar Model School, each school offers a unique blend of rigorous curriculum, cultural integration, and character building. These institutions stand as pillars in the educational landscape of Peshawar, nurturing future generations equipped with the knowledge, skills, and values to excel both locally and globally. Whether through academic achievements, cultural initiatives, or community service, these schools uphold a commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals ready to make a positive impact on society. As Peshawar continues to evolve, these schools remain steadfast in their mission to provide quality education while celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the region.

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