Is Further Maths the hardest A level?

Considering Further Mathematics for your A Levels in Pakistan? Uncover the intricacies, challenges, and remarkable benefits of this subject that demands significant effort.

Navigating the Challenge: Choosing Your A-Levels

Selecting your A-Level subjects for 2023 is no small feat, and you’re likely weighing the options for both the most demanding and highly regarded choices. When it comes to A-level subjects, determining the ‘toughest’ can be a subjective task, as what’s a walk in the park for one student might pose a formidable challenge for another. However, some A-Levels have earned a reputation for their formidable complexity, demanding a significant amount of effort, commitment, and, often, the guidance of an A-Level tutor to excel.

In this article, we embark on a journey to explore Further Maths as one of the most challenging A-Levels. 

The Notorious Reputation of Further Maths

For years, Further Maths has held a reputation as one of the most demanding A-Levels. This subject is a step beyond the standard Maths A-Level, delving into advanced mathematical concepts, abstract reasoning, and rigorous problem-solving. While its difficulty is subjective and depends on individual strengths and interests, it’s safe to say that Further Maths is not for the faint of heart.

As Further Maths represents a significant progression from standard Mathematics, it delves into a spectrum of intricate topics. It encompasses advanced calculus, differential equations, and abstract algebra, among others. While Further Maths undeniably presents a formidable challenge, it’s worth noting that if you already possess a strong foundation in mathematics, you may find yourself well-equipped to achieve top grades in this subject. However, if mathematics is not your strong suit, it might be prudent to consider other A-level options that align better with your strengths and interests.

Many students find Chemistry and Physics considerably harder as Chemistry has a rigorous syllabus and Physics examinations are often tricky. However, there’s no debate that Further Maths is considerably harder than Maths; however, if you enjoy Maths, Further Maths might be your forte. 

The Unique Characteristics of Further Maths

Further Maths covers a wide range of topics, including complex numbers, differential equations, and linear algebra, to name a few. Its unique structure allows students to explore both pure and applied mathematics, providing a comprehensive foundation for those pursuing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects at the university level. 

For students aiming to pursue a variety of university courses, including fields such as engineering, medicine, mathematics, computer science, and more, Further Maths can be a crucial asset. Even if you’re uncertain about your precise higher education path, choosing Further Maths is still a wise decision. That’s because Further Maths is classified as a “facilitating subject.” In simple terms, it’s a subject that numerous universities either require or highly prefer for a wide range of courses. However, you might need to go over the university requirements of your preferred field to get a better understanding. 

If your objective is to maintain flexibility and keep the doors open to a broad spectrum of degree programs and prestigious universities, opting for facilitating subjects like Further Maths in your A-Level curriculum is a strategic move.

Benefits of Studying Further Maths

Despite its challenges, Further Maths offers several significant advantages. It not only strengthens your mathematical prowess but also enhances problem-solving skills and abstract thinking. This can be invaluable for various career paths, including engineering, physics, computer science, and even economics. Furthermore, universities often hold Further Maths in high regard, making it a valuable asset on your academic journey.

How to ace Further Maths?

The difficulty of Further Maths can be mitigated with dedication, proper support, and effective study strategies. Seeking the guidance of experienced teachers, using advanced study resources, and participating in group study sessions can make a substantial difference. Remember that your success in Further Maths ultimately depends on your passion and determination. Furthermore, your subject choice matters as well. For students taking on the challenge of more than four subjects, opting for Further Maths may introduce a level of complexity that could potentially disrupt your well-planned study schedule. This can adversely affect your performance in other subjects.

Is Further Maths Right for You?

The choice to embark on the Further Maths journey should be a well-informed and deliberate one. To determine if this subject aligns with your academic path, consider the following factors:

Passion for Mathematics

Assess your genuine passion for mathematics. If you find joy in solving complex mathematical problems and have a genuine interest in the subject, Further Maths might be a perfect fit.

Career Aspirations

Reflect on your career aspirations. If your ambitions include fields such as engineering, physics, computer science, or mathematics-related disciplines, Further Maths can significantly bolster your qualifications and set you on the path to achieving your professional goals. Check in with your target universities to see if Further Maths is required or preferred, and consider this when making your selection. 

Willingness to Embrace Challenges

Acknowledge your willingness to take on challenges. Further Maths is undeniably demanding, but it can also be immensely rewarding. If you are ready to dedicate time and effort to excel in a subject that pushes the boundaries of mathematical knowledge, Further Maths can open doors to exciting educational and career opportunities tailored to your ambitions.


Is Further Maths the hardest A-Level? The answer varies from student to student. What’s most important is choosing subjects that align with your interests and future goals. While Further Maths can be a tough nut to crack, it’s also a gateway to endless possibilities in the world of mathematics and beyond. Whether you embark on this mathematical adventure or choose another path, remember that your dedication and enthusiasm are the keys to success in any A-Level subject.

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