Guide to the 1st Year Date Sheet 2024 for All Punjab Boards


As exams approach, understanding your date sheet is crucial for effective preparation. This guide covers the 1st year date sheets for 2024 across all Punjab boards, including Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, and others. Whether you’re a student or a parent, this post will help you navigate through the exam schedule efficiently.

Important Dates for 1st Year Exams 2024

The date sheets are expected to be officially released by the respective boards by early March 2024. The examinations are likely to commence in the last week of April and continue until the end of May 2024. While these dates are tentative, they give you a framework around which to plan your revision.

  • Exams will start on 7th of May 2024.
  • Roll number slips are typically issued at least three to four weeks before the exam start date. For the 2024 exams, you can expect to receive your roll number slip by early April.

Morning and Evening Session Timings

Exams will be conducted in two sessions to accommodate the number of students and examination halls available:

  • Morning Session: Runs from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Ideal for early risers, this session lets you get your exam done with and have the rest of the day free.
  • Evening Session: Takes place from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. This session is perfect for those who function better later in the day.

1st Year Date Sheet for 2024:

Sr.#DateDayMorning SubjectEvening Subject
2. Business Mathematics
208-05-2024WednesdayEnglish (Comp)(1st Group)English (Comp) (2nd Group)
309-05-2024ThursdayIslamic Education (Comp) (1st Group)Islamic Education (Comp) (2st Group)
1. Sociology
2. Agriculture
511-05-2024Saturday1. Urdu (Comp) (1st Group)
2. Urdu (Alternative Easy Course)
3. Urdu (Elective)
1. Urdu (Comp) (2nd Group)
2. Pakistani Culture
613-05-2024Monday1. Chemistry (1st Group)
2. Chemistry (Home Economic Group)
3. Commercial Practice (Accountancy)
4. Commercial Practice (Business Correspondence)
5. Health & Physical Education
1. Chemistry (2nd Group)
2. Statistics
3. Geology
4. Nursing
714-05-2024Tuesday1. Punjabi (1st Group)
2. Arabic
3. Pushto
4. French
5. Principles of Commerce
1. Punjabi (2nd Group)
2. Persian
3. Urdu Advanced
4. English (Elective)
5. German
815-05-2024Wednesday1. Physics (1st Group)
2. Education (1st Group) Principles of
3. Principles Economics (N.E.W)
1. Physics (2nd Group)
2. Education (2nd Group)
916-05-2024Thursday1. Psychology
2. Clothing & Textiles (HEG)
3. Adeeb/Aalam/Fazil ( Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Punjabi, Pushto)
1. Outlines of Home Economics
2. Elementary Chemistry & Chemical Pathology
3. Applied Science
1017-05-2024Friday1. Tarjuma-Tul-Quran-Ul-Majeed (1st Group)
2. Adeeb/Aalam/Fazil ( Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Punjabi, Pushto)
1. Tarjuma-Tul-Quran-Ul-Majeed (2nd Group)
2. Ethics (for non-Muslims Old/New Course)
3. Civic (Comp) (For non-Muslims in lieu of Islamic Education)
1118-05-2024Saturday1. Islamic History (i) Ahde Risalat (ii) Khilafat e Rashida (iii) Umayyah
2. History of Muslim India (Ahde Salateen 712-1526)
3. History of Pakistan (1857-1947)
4. History of Modern World (1904-1945)
5. Islamic History and Culture (Islamic Studies Group)
6. Adeeb/Aalim/Fazil (Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Punjabi, Pushto)
1. Geography (Old/New) (N.E.W)
2. Elementary Anatomy & Micro Techniques
3. Basic Medical Sciences
1220-05-2024MondayMathematics (1st Group)
Biology (1st Group)
Biology (Home Economics Group)
Fine Arts (Theory)
Adeeb/Aalim/Fazil (Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Punjabi, Pushto)
1. Mathematics (2nd Group)
2. Biology (2nd Group)
3. Music
4. Library Science
1321-05-2024TuesdayIslamic Studies (Elective) (1st Group)
Principles of Accounting
Adeeb/Aalim/Fazil (Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Punjabi, Pushto)
1. Islamic Studies (Elective) (2nd Group)
2. Islamic Studies (Islamic Studies Group)
1422-05-2024WednesdayComputer Science 1stGroup
Home Management (Home Economics Group)
Military Science (War)
Adeeb/Aalim/Fazil (Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Punjabi, Pushto)
1. Computer Science 2nd Group
2. Micro Biology
3. Dental hygiene
4. Physio Therapy
5. Radio Graphic Techniques

What to Bring to Exams

Ensure you bring your admit card, necessary stationery (pens, pencils, erasers, a calculator if allowed), and a clear bottle of water. Electronic devices, unless specified for use, should be left at home.

Note: You can also read our 2nd year date sheet 2024 for all Punjab Boards and get all the important information regarding your 12th class exams.


Q: What if there are discrepancies in the date sheet?
A: Contact your board’s examination department immediately for clarification.

Q: Can I request a change in the exam schedule?
A: Exam schedules are generally fixed, but you can discuss any significant concerns with your school’s administration or directly with the board.

Q: What is the date of Fsc exams 2024?
A: The Fsc exams encompass both 1st and 2nd-year students. Here’s the tentative schedule for the 2024 exams:

  • 1st Year Exams will start from 7th May 2024
  • 2nd Year Exams will start from 19th April 2024


Exams can be a stressful time, but with the right preparation and a clear understanding of your date sheet, you can manage them effectively. Remember, this schedule is preliminary; always verify with your board’s official site for the most accurate and updated information.

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